Why Angular

Angular is Google’s Front-end framework which supports to build Rich, fast and responsive single page applications like gmail and Google Docs. Angular executes Model/View/Controller approach in the UI and splits the UI data and the UI delegation of data. This separation is very necessary because it now decouples the data from the visual representation. It is very instinctive to the Angular framework that one has to disjoint the data, view and controller and code appropriately to get the required UI. Angular is very beneficial to use because its very smooth and coherent two way data binding which increases test-ability and productivity profoundly By following angular framework, you will have the code that will be cleaner, maintainable, extensible,testable and easy to understand. Less number of code lines, two way data binding, dependency injection, Templates, custom directive, Full testing environment, Server Communication, rest friendliness these are the benefits of angular over other JS frameworks.

Our Angular Development Services

  • Dynamic Web Application Development
  • Angular App Upgrade and Maintenance
  • Enterprise App Interface and Development
  • Application Migration Services

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