Why Magento

Being the biggest and the most widely used e-commerce platform, Magento helps skyrocketing your online business growth. Providing holistic solutions for your store, it facilitates intuitive, customer friendly and smoothest browsing experience.

With Magento, site owners have full control over both the front end and the back end of their site, meaning that they can fully customize it, controlling exactly how it is going to look and what features it will have. For eCommerce retailers, this means that – given that their team has the budget and technical skill – they can fulfill any vision that they have for their site without having to compromise due to the limitations of the platform.

Magento is highly scalable, which means that, with the right hardware and configuration, it can easily support the needs of both small businesses and big enterprises. If, for example, a retailer’s site has a sudden increase in traffic, that company would easily be able to add more servers on Magento in order to handle the change.

Magento is an open-source platform, meaning that developers and site owners have access to the source code when creating a website. This access also allows for more freedom and flexibility, since it means that they can completely modify the functionality of their site to accommodate their needs, essentially creating whatever they want–given that they have the technical skill.

Our Magento Development Services

  • Complete Store Setup
  • Custom Theme development
  • Custom Plugin/Extension Development
  • E-Commerce Consulting
  • RESTful API development for Magento
  • Magento Usage Training

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